Donate Stock or Real Estate

Give to City of Hope and take stock in miracles

By making a gift of real estate or publicly-traded stock, bonds or mutual funds to City of Hope, you’re providing vital support — support that helps us in fighting cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases by creating miracles of research, treatment and better outcomes.

For over 100 years, grants and gifts of stock have been just one of the many ways people have been motivated to support the City of Hope mission.

You can designate your gift toward specific research, to a particular program, or just as a “thank you” for a certain department or physician. Yet no matter how you assign it, you’ll know your gift is making a real impact.


Explore your tax benefits

By gifting City of Hope with stock, securities or real estate, you might be able to enjoy significant tax savings.

For example: a donation of appreciated securities could be eligible for a charitable income tax deduction at its current full fair market value, allowing you to potentially avoid capital gains and investment taxes.


Ask our advice today

For more details on how to donate appreciated stock to City of Hope, please call Tina Pakfar at 800-667-5310 or email [email protected].