Third-Party Fundraising Events

Thank you for your interest in hosting a fundraising event for City of Hope!

Community-based events are an important part of our fundraising efforts. All events, large and small, play a significant role in raising awareness and much-needed dollars for City of Hope’s leading-edge research and treatment.

Whether this is your first time planning an event or you're a seasoned expert, there are some key steps to follow in putting together any fundraiser.  For your convenience, we've listed them in the checklist below:
1. Establish goals
Have a realistic and measurable financial goal for your fundraising.
2. Be sure to choose the right event
Your event should fit the size, interest, talents, goals and time availability of your group or community. So it's a good idea to gauge interest among others before committing to an idea.
3. Form a planning committee
The enthusiasm and dedication of the people who help you plan and organize your event will increase the probability of success. Your committee should have enough members to share the work, and who can pitch in with a variety of different skills.
4. Identify your audience
Who is most likely to attend and support the type of event you've selected? How will you reach out to them? What will they expect from the event?

5. Develop a budget
Identify possible sources of income, as well as all expenses. Keeping your upfront costs down will ensure a larger contribution to City of Hope and result in satisfied participants. Please keep in mind that expenses should be limited to no more than 50% of the total raised by the event.
6. Promote and publicize
Have a plan for getting the word out about your event; it's key for reaching your target audience and hitting your fundraising goals.

The Next Step: Call Us

If you'd like to hold an event to benefit City of Hope, call us at 800-266-7920 to let us know about it and to get answers for any questions you might have

And thanks in advance for your support!