Stories of Hope

We invite you to meet several of our patients — survivors who share their stories of courage, tenacity, faith and hope.
Meet Chuck: Restaurant Owner, Marathon Runner and Cancer Survivor
Chuck Fata thought the dull pain he had been feeling for weeks was just a back problem, perhaps due to a busy schedule that included keeping tabs on four restaurants and running six miles several times a week. The first doctor he saw thought the same. "He assumed I was hurting myself from all the activity," said Fata. "There wasn’t anything significant that suggested I had cancer."
But the back pain worsened and three months later an MRI found four tumors, including two that were on lymph nodes near his heart. “It was just a shock," said Fata, who had just finished running a half marathon in Las Vegas. "Cancer was not on my mind."

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Meet Stacy: Five-time Cancer Survivor
Stacy Kimmel is not being flippant when she describes breast cancer as an inconvenience. But even if she were, having had five conversations with someone in a white coat saying, "You have cancer," would give her permission.
"Cancer is an inconvenience for me, that's how I thought about it," said Kimmel, describing her reaction after first being diagnosed. "It was getting in the way of my daily life. I also knew it was potentially life-threatening, but it was an inconvenience for a 38-year-old with a child."
Kimmel has remarkably taken each difficult chapter in her cancer story in stride. She gets a boost from her faith that however the next chapter unfolds, there will be an option for her at City of Hope.
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Meet Eight Grateful Patients
Each of the patients featured in this video share their experience with City of Hope. You’ll meet patients who are living fuller lives after receiving a diagnosis of diabetes, or who have reclaimed their lives following cancer. They each have hope and share their inspiring stories.
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Meet Jim: Cancer Survivor and Regional Executive Officer, Pacific Region, Chubb Limited


Jim Darling, Regional Executive Officer for the Pacific Region of Chubb Limited, shares his very personal experience with cancer and why he supports City of Hope.

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Meet Baby Izabella: A Living Miracle
Izabella was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at 9 months and was given just three months to live. Izabella’s parents turned to City of Hope.
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