What Your Gift Means

Every day, people come to City of Hope looking for hope  and thanks to donors like you, they find it.

It’s easier than ever to give to the Chubb Providing Hope Campaign. You may choose from the following options: make a one-time donation via credit card or check, or opt to give via payroll deduction in 10 easy installments. Your contribution makes a lasting impression in the lives of those undergoing treatment.

We’ve all been touched by cancer — we’ve seen firsthand the impacts of this disease on our family, friends or colleagues. City of Hope is working to ensure that we see a future without this disease. Every patient who comes to City of Hope receives the best of medical treatment, along with compassionate, individualized care.

What does my contribution look like? For example:

  • $150 ensures a woman going through treatment can be fitted with a custom wig and accessories.
  • $500 provides massage therapy for 10 patients during their time at City of Hope. Massage therapy reduces stress and eases anxiety.
  • $750 covers the cost of transportation for 10 underserved patients to get to and from appointments at City of Hope.
  • $1,000 will cover the cost of four microscopes for use in the lab by City of Hope researchers.
  • $1,250 buys an interactive pediatric SupportScreen device that screens pediatric patients for a wide range of physical, emotional and personal preferences and issues.

Your gift to City of Hope is always 100 percent tax-deductible.