Why should you join the Board of Governors?

  • Because one of every two men and one of every three women will experience cancer in their lifetimes.
  • Because every family member and friend is affected when cancer strikes a loved one.
  • Because our members help advance crucial science from which tomorrow's cures may be derived.
  • Because when you donate through the Board of Governors, your donation goes directly to City of Hope to advance research and technology in specific areas of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


Compelling Reasons to fund City of Hope through the Board of Governors

  • The Board of Governors provides seed money for scientists at City of Hope to prove their theories to cure cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.  Once proven, the National Institutes of Health, among others, can provide multi-million dollar grants to prove the efficacy and safety of the protocol.
  • Your donation is matched-in-kind by City of Hope, and then leveraged through the grant process, making the value of your donation worth many times what you are giving.
  • Your donation will fund a specific protocol by a specific scientist.  You will have intimate access to that scientist as well as other researchers and doctors.  You will hear from them about their work and progress and enjoy the fruits of your investment.
  • The Board of Governors has no paid employees and no office, so your donation goes directly to the science.  
  • City of Hope is known for its fiscal efficiency.  84% of its funds are directed to research, patient care and education.
  • City of Hope has three drug manufacturing facilities. They are licensed by the Federal Drug Administration to manufacture new pharmaceuticals for human trials. This ability saves as much as ten years in bringing new drugs to patients.
  • One out of every two Americans will experience Cancer over the next 20 years. It could be you, a family member, or a friend.  Should you need rapid access to City of Hope for treatment or a second opinion, you, as a member of the Board of Governors, can make a phone call to a special number that will begin the process of being admitted to City of Hope immediately.

Membership benefits

  • Receive a monthly online publication that will provide scientific and clinical updates in an easy-to-read manner through private email.
  • Receive City News, a quarterly publication of City of Hope.
  • When in need, help friends and family to speed up access to City of Hope doctors and services.
  • Receive invitations to attend Board of Governors social and scientific programs featuring City of Hope physicians and scientists.
  • In addition to our six-times-a-year social functions, we offer small gatherings to increase our scientific knowledge, as well as build friendships and camaraderie to better achieve our goals.
  • Our members represent many areas of expertise, e.g., law enforcement, identity theft, etc., and they share their knowledge to improve our lives.

Membership responsibilities

  • Provide annual membership fee and other charitable donations in support of City of Hope's research activities.
  • Participate in our annual letter-writing campaign.
  • Support the Board of Governor's internet fundraising campaign via Crowdfunding.
  • Serve as an ambassador for City of Hope and the Board of Governors.
  • Recruit new members to the Board of Governors.

The most important reason to join the Board of Governors

“There is no better feeling than hearing from cancer survivors in front of you, that your contribution saved their or their child’s life. Your chest fills with pride, and you know you have selected the best charity to support. City of Hope is just an opportunity for you to be a part of leading-edge science as our scientists and doctors continue to discover the secrets of curing cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other fatal diseases.” - Bob Marx
The Board of Governors is self-sustaining.  Membership is by invitation only.  For further information, please call Legacy & Affinity Groups at 800-732-7121 or email us at [email protected].

Join the Board of Governors

We invite you to become actively involved with the Board of Governors' exciting plans for the future. We support City of Hope's expansion of its current clinical research capabilities and the development of new disease-focused programs in basic and clinical science. Accelerating the pace of clinical study is intrinsically tied to supporting and expanding the institution's infrastructure. We invite you to help City of Hope advance its medical and scientific excellence as it develops powerful new treatments and therapeutics for patients everywhere.
Thank you for partnering with us to bring hope and solutions to millions worldwide.