Lions May 2021 Newsletter

Janice Huss, Ph.D. Caps Her Time at City of Hope with Major Advancements
Janice Huss, Ph.D. has announced that after 15 years with City of Hope, she will be leaving her role as Associate Professor and principal investigator of the Huss Lab. As a grantee of the Lions Clubs Diabetes Innovation fund, Dr. Huss’ completed research has yielded remarkable insights into muscle metabolisms that can then be applied to therapies that halt or prevent obesity, diabetes, cancer and the muscle loss that can come with advanced age or disease. Sangeeta Dhawan, Ph.D. was announced at the 63rd Annual Tribute Day as the newest Diabetes Innovation Fund grantee and will continue leading-edge research into ways to treat and even reverse type 2 diabetes.
Charles Brenner, Ph.D. Continues Groundbreaking Research
Last year, Charles Brenner, Ph.D., joined City of Hope to lead the nation’s first research department focused on the intersection between cancer and diabetes. Today, he serves as the principal investigator of the Brenner Lab where his team conducts advanced research into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) coenzymes – an essential component to turning our food into energy and a possible marker for diagnosing and treating forms of cancer and diabetes. You can learn more about Dr. Brenner and his work here.
Auction Winner, Liz Packenham, Shares Details of Her Trip to New Orleans
After winning a trip to New Orleans in the 63rd Annual Tribute Day Charity Auction, Liz Packenham was thrilled to share details about her visit to The Big Easy. Liz and her husband spent the day with actor John Schneider and his wife, Alicia, touring John’s film studio and sharing a wonderful dinner that evening. Liz says that it was a wonderful opportunity to support City of Hope while also being able to spend time with one of her favorite celebrities. And they certainly plan to go back in the future!

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