Professional Women's Council of San Diego

Founded in 2001, the Professional Women's Council of San Diego is a group of committed female professionals dedicated to raising money and awareness for the groundbreaking research, treatment, and education programs at City of Hope.

That City of Hope has been able to pursue a philosophy of patient-centered care with such success, and without compromise, is due to the generosity of philanthropic individuals like the members of the Professional Women's Council of San Diego: people who share our vision of improving care for patients with cancer and other serious diseases, and ultimately eradicating these diseases altogether.

Council Members
Nicolle Branning
Judy Brackin
Kristi Dugan
Vanessa Duisters
Debra Dveris
Julie Kaufmann
Saleah Hewitt
Nina Hegyi
Sue Regis
Cheri Smith
Katy Temple
Adrienne Westall

For more information about the Professional Women’s Council of San Diego, please contact:

Amanda Nixon
Assistant Director of Philanthropy
858-452-6846 (office)
858-275-5478 (cell)

Our Safety Measures

To help maintain a healthy environment, enhance safety and lower the risk of COVID-19 spread, all events will have special protocols in place. For more information please email your City of Hope contact.