Why Give to City of Hope

A century ago, City of Hope began with a vision that stretched far beyond the modest 10 acres of land in Duarte, California where we first set down stakes and began building for the future.

Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to transforming the future of healthcare by combining the best science has to offer with the comforting powers of human compassion. That focus, and the courage and resolve it inspired in patients and caregivers, set us apart even then: people called us the “city of hope.”

By staying true to that mission over the years, we’ve moved to the front line in the global battle against cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We’re proud to say we’re able to combine science with soul to create miracles that make lives whole again.

But we still need your generosity and gifts in continuing that mission. So why give to City of Hope?

  • You’re becoming part of a century-long mission. Since the beginning, we’ve relied on the commitment of a community of donors and supporters. Many of them have been permanently honored for their contributions, but even the smallest donations have a big impact.
  • You’re contributing to the triumphs along the way. Just a few of those?
    • Millions of diabetes sufferers benefit from the synthetic human insulin developed through City of Hope research.
    • Our pioneering work has resulted in one of the largest bone marrow and stem cell transplant programs in the world, with unparalleled survival rates.
    • Our researchers have identified a bacterial-based therapy for attacking pancreatic tumors, offering hope in the fight against one of the deadliest cancers.
    • Recent clinical trials are using patients’ own modified T-cells to fight advanced brain tumors.
    • Another trial could put the ultimate goal of HIV research within reach: to not just control HIV’s replication in the body, but actually cure it.
  • You’re helping heal hearts and minds. Diseases like cancer do more than physical harm. They damage the human spirit of both patients and those closest to them. Our dedication to compassion and personalized care is unique. Examples?
    • Our Center for Cancer Surivorship bridges treatment and ongoing support by providing specialized follow-up care and education for survivors of pediatric, prostate and breast cancers.
    • Our Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center brings patients, families, patient navigators, physicians, psychologists, social workers, spiritual care providers and other staff together in a welcoming resource center and support hub.
  • You’re donating with confidence. Smart Money and The NonProfit Times have called us one of the nation’s most financially responsible charities. We’ve also earned the highest available rating for sound fiscal management, financial growth and stability from the nation’s leading fundraising watchdog website, Charity Navigator.

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