How Your Gifts Create Miracles

It’s very basic: your generosity helps people beat the odds.  As one of our former patients said, "When you support City of Hope, you are saving people's lives, and in doing that, you are saving the world." 

Patients suffering from cancer or other often fatal diseases come to us because City of Hope is their best chance at a miracle. A miracle where advanced science, compassion and innovative treatment let them reclaim their lives from the very brink. 

So we treat your donation with uncommon due diligence, making sure your dollars go where you want them to go: toward research, treatment and patient support.

That’s why City of Hope has the highest available rating for sound fiscal management, financial growth and responsibility from Charity Navigator, the nation’s leading fundraising watchdog website. And Smart Money and TheNonProfit Times have called us one of the nation’s most financially responsible non-profit organizations.

Every donation makes a difference

It’s no exaggeration: even a $20 donation is crucial to how City of Hope does its work. Here’s how:


In 2014, we were awarded more than $72.9 million in research grants, allowing City of Hope to open the doors to innovative therapies, new drugs and effective treatments. Donations like yours, from $20, 50 or $100 on up, paved the way -- and are getting multiplied into millions.


You’re funding faster work in saving lives

Another way your gifts work harder? By working faster: at City of Hope, our world-renowned research scientists and treatment physicians work side-by-side, and share our campus with three high-tech manufacturing facilities.

It’s called the “City of Hope Difference,” where promising ideas move with lifesaving speed from lab to treatment room. Because success in fighting cancer or other diseases can come down to just how fast a new treatment arrives.

Be a difference-maker

For over 100 years, City of Hope has turned support from people like you into groundbreaking progress against the worst diseases imaginable. 

Your generosity will work harder than you might have imagined, and it will make you part of a very special community: people who believe in how science and soul can combine to make miracles.