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By Helix Blog Committee 2019-2020 | February 25, 2020
Recognizing the needs to streamline our PhD training, our Graduate School announced a new first-year curriculum set to be implemented in the near future. We would like to share some of the exciting highlights of this new curriculum with our current students, our City of Hope community, and all the prospective students interested in becoming part of our PhD program!
  • The new first-year curriculum focuses on the two major strengths of City of Hope: Cancer and Metabolic Diseases (such as diabetes). Both of these topics will be taught in detail during one core course each, while a third core course will focus on Biostatistics and Computational Methods, which teaches important skills relevant to both general biomedical research as well as to today’s ever-growing field of computational biology.
  • An additional course during the first-year will be focused on scientific writing, which includes aspects of grantsmanship and journal article construction, as well as how to find appropriate resources to properly submit these applications or manuscripts – skills invaluable for any career path following the students’ pre-doctoral training.
  • We will continue to further strengthen our active-learning approach by reinforcing discussion-based lectures in our updated curriculum, which we have found to be very successful in promoting a deeper understanding of scientific literature.
  • In addition to the first-year core curriculum, second-year students and beyond will be able to learn more about a specialized topic of choice from our wide range of advanced courses, including advanced immunology, cancer biology, stem cell biology, RNA, among others.
  • Research is our priority, and our new curriculum will maximize first year students’ time on laboratory rotations so they can have more time to learn about their research choices!
The new PhD curriculum can be found at our website:
We are excited about these new changes and are looking forward to hearing how things go!