For Your Procrastination: Grad Student Logic Puzzle

April 7, 2014 | by Cassandra Ramos

fypThe following is a logic puzzle. Five grad students from five different departments each skip out of lab on a different weekday to enjoy a different recreational activity (slackers!). Which day did they skip? What did they do? Use these clues to help determine the identity of the students and what they did on their days off. I’ve attached a handy dandy grid that can be marked with an X or O to deduce the correct answers. Enjoy!


1. Maren did not skip lab on Tuesday.

2. The movies were visited either on Tuesday or Friday. It was an epic action adventure movie to escape the realities of lab work.

3. The five grad students are Clay, the student who skipped lab on Wednesday, the Molecular Medicine student (not Geoff), the one who studies Diabetes and skipped lab on Thursday, and the one who visited the pub.

4. Of the two grad students who went to the beach and the movies, one went on Tuesday, and the other studies Neuroscience.

5. The person from the Immunology Dept. skipped earlier in the week than Cristobal, who went to Vegas. Cristobal is a party animal.

6. Either Christie or Geoff stayed home. This person just got Netflix.

7. The beach was visited on Monday, but not by the student who works on DNA Repair.

8. The person who skipped Friday does not have a name that starts with C. This student must have wanted to get an early start on the weekend.

9. The Immunology person skipped later in the week than the Molecular Medicine person, but not later than the DNA Repair student

10. Maren headed to the pub later in the week than when Cristobal ditched the Diabetes Dept.

 Grad student logic puzzle

Editor's Note - The anwer key will be published next week!


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