Spreading Scientific Inaccuracy – With Chocolate

July 30, 2015 | by City of Hope

HelixStaffCourtesy of Dr. Jacob Berlin, the following article explores how many scientists, journalists, and members of the public can perpetuate or fall victim to bad science. By omitting certain details, or “massaging” one’s data or experimental design, one can create the results one desires, and can often times depend on the media to take it viral. The author of the article below is a journalist and PhD scientist, who tells of how he, and a team of doctors and journalists intentionally manipulated a small study to (supposedly) show that chocolate fuels weight loss. It is important that we avoid making the same kinds of errors in the reporting of our own experimental results, accidentally or otherwise, and that we are wary of data from others presented without some of the vital details. The integrity of our work, and of science in general, depends on it. See the article here: http://io9.com/i-fooled-millions-into-thinking-chocolate-helps-weight-1707251800

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