The importance of cancer screening (w/PODCAST)

September 20, 2015 | by City of Hope

The Importance of Cancer Screening City of Hope's Cary Presant discusses ways to prevent cancer via cancer screening.


Cancer risk varies by person, with hereditary or genetic factors increasing some people's risk of certain types of cancers. For these people especially, screening can be a powerful tool.

"Early detection is the key to surviving cancer," said City of Hope's Cary Presant, M.D. "There’s a saying, Stage 1 is the cure. The earlier stage you find cancer, the better your cure rate and the less treatment you need. You might not need a big expensive, operation. You just need a small resection or a small biopsy and that can take care of the cancer. Trying to get it early is the key."

City of Hope’s Cancer Screening & Prevention ProgramSM is designed to help you understand more about your personal cancer risks. Armed with this knowledge, you can learn how to minimize your risks and stop cancer from developing.

Here, Presant explains which cancers you should be screened for, at what age cancer screening should begin and why cancer screening is so important.


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