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International Students and Scholars Association (ISSA)

The International Students and Scholars Association (ISSA) is formed by the international students and scholars at City of Hope. As one of the Diversity Resource Groups at City of Hope, ISSA was established to provide resources and support to international education, development and cultural activities on both professional and personal levels for our international community on campus.

International Students & Scholars Organization (ISSA) fosters the education, development and engagement of all international students and scholars to enable them to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals and objectives. ISSA provides advocacy and support regarding specific international community needs. ISSA supports an environment conducive to international education and intercultural awareness via educational, social and cross-cultural programs.

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Postdoctoral Training Office (PTO)

The Postdoctoral Training Office (PTO) is committed to providing Postdocs with a supportive environment, resources, workshops and seminars, to enrich the training experience and facilitate personal growth and professional development for a successful career. This webpage is designed to offer a gateway for a wide range of resource information that will be of value during postdoctoral training.
Please visit the Postdoctoral Association intranet webpage (internal only) for more information.

Office of Faculty Affaiirs

The Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) provides support to faculty and administrators by acting as a resource in the interpretation of academic policies and procedures and also provides guidance to both Beckman Research Institute and Medical Center faculty that are directly responsible for the appointment, reappointment, and promotion of academic personnel.

Please visit the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) intranet webpage (internal only) for more information

Postdoctoral Association (PDA)

An association by Post-docs for the Post-docs. We will help to make your experience fulfilling and enjoyable by organizing social and professional development events.

The PDA encourages postdoctoral fellows to interact with each other and with graduate students and provides opportunities for educational, professional and social growth.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (D&I)

City of Hope is a community of people characterized by our diversity of thought, background, and approach, and tied together by our commitment to care for and cure those with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The innovation that our diversity produces in the areas of research, treatment, philanthropy, and education has made us national leaders in this fight.
To ensure that this innovation thrives, we are building a community that fosters the full participation of our faculty and staff, our students, our physicians, our patients and their families, our donors, and our volunteers. This community will enable us to draw on all of the skills and talents offered by each member of this organization, and bring every possible resource to bear to support our vital work.
  • Asian American Community
  • Connecting People of African Descent for Hope
  • Latinos for Hope
  • Pinoys4Hope
  • Pride in the City
  • Women’s Professional Network
  • Young Professionals Network
Please visit the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (D&I) website for more information.

Center for International Medicine (CIM)

The Center for International Medicine (CIM) expands City of Hope’s mission with a global perspective:

  • Improve access to clinical services to our local and overseas ethnic communities.
  • Develop business partnerships that link the expert care and innovation at City of Hope to improve patient care outside the United States.
  • Build academic collaborations that speed scientific discovery and dissemination of new knowledge worldwide.
  • Services for international patients

The CIM Patient Services Team works with patients and families to streamline administrative requirements, coordinate the complex process of cancer care, and reduce worry and anxiety. Our goal is to make it easy for patients to focus on getting better and feeling well. CIM provides personalized, culturally appropriate support for international patients seeking advanced cancer care at City of Hope. Our services start before the patient leaves home and continues throughout his or her cancer journey. Each patient is assigned an international patient liaison who speaks the patient’s language or arranges for interpreter.

Please visit Center for International Medicine (CIM) website for more information.