We've Got You Covered: Understanding Your Health Insurance

While understanding your health insurance is an important part of managing your care, it can be challenging to know what’s covered and what you’ll be required to pay.

Addressing a piles of bills, paperwork or explanation of benefit forms can feel overwhelming.

Insurance coverage will vary depending upon your insurance company, your plan and the state where you live. Speak with a representative from your insurance company to get a better understanding of your plan and ensure your treatment is covered.

If you have additional questions related to your health insurance, City of Hope can help you make sense of your coverage. Our managed care specialists welcome any general insurance and payment questions.
Additionally, City of Hope’s financial support services serve as a problem-solving resource for insurance and financial issues before a particular treatment or service. They provide financial counseling, explanation of benefits and eligibility, out-of-pocket costs, insurance authorization and medical necessity screening.