Shrimp & Cauliflower ‘Grits’

If you want to eat in a way that may reduce your cancer risk, it is important to emphasize natural, whole, unprocessed foods. This shrimp and “grits” recipe does just that. Using cauliflower instead of grits makes this a natural, healthier version of the traditional recipe made with processed grains.
36        ea                    16/20 Shrimp P & D (6 per serving)
2          heads             Cauliflower
1          cups               Whole Milk
1          cup                 White Wine
1          cup                 Cream Cheese
1          cup                 Parmesan Cheese
1          cup                 Vegetable Stock
1          cup                 Onions, peeled, small dice
½        cup                 Green Onion, washed, bias cut
½        cup                 Bell Pepper, Red & Yellow, washed, small dice
½        cup                 Grape Seed Oil
2          Tbsp              Garlic, fresh, minced
1          Tbsp              Lemon Juice, fresh
½        tsp                  Salt
¼        tsp                  Paprika
¼        tsp                  Cayenne Pepper
¼        tsp                  Cumin
¼        tsp                  Chili Powder
¼        tsp                  Granulated garlic
¼        tsp                  White Pepper, table grind
*(CCP) Maintain all internal temps of refrigerated products below 40°F
*Mix all spices together in a separate bowl and reserve
*In a Robot Coupe, pulse cleaned heads of Cauliflower until ‘riced’ and reserve
*In a sauce pan heat ½ of the oil to smoking hot, saute the onions until browned, add ½ of the garlic and toast until just brown
*Deglaze with ½ of the White Wine and reduce by ½
*Add ‘riced’ cauliflower and cook with stock and milk until it comes to a boil
*Add cream cheese and blend in well and return to a simmer
*Add Parmesan Cheese and season with salt & pepper and reserve
*In a separate pan heat oil to smoking hot and season with mixed spices while the shrimp is raw
*Saute the shrimp until browned on one side and then remove
* Saute the green onions and garlic and brown
*Deglaze with white wine and reduce by half, adding the shrimp and finish in the sauce until (CCP) shrimp reaches an internal temperature of 165ËšF
*Plate the hot Cauliflower grits and top with shrimp
*Remove from the oven serve