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Same-day screening. Consultations available in as little as 24 hours. Treatment plans within five to seven days. At City of Hope® Cancer Center Atlanta, we know our patients need expert care—with the sense of urgency their diagnosis deserves.

With an independent, National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center at its core, City of Hope brings a century-plus legacy of scientific discoveries and superior survival outcomes to patients in Georgia and the Southeast, with lifesaving speed.

That means access to leading-edge care, groundbreaking clinical trials and multidisciplinary specialists focused on curing cancer in one location, City of Hope Cancer Center Atlanta—powered by one of the nation’s largest cancer research and treatment organizations and leader in five- and 10-year survival rates.

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Jennifer T., Breast Cancer Survivor
Faith became one of the most important aspects of my experience with cancer and its treatment. I recall a pastor reassuring me that it was perfectly okay to wonder why this had happened to me—to ask God why someone who has two children, who exercises and eats well, why this would happen. But, she said, don’t get stuck there. Don’t get stuck asking, 'Why me?' Instead, let the question move into, 'What are you trying to show me?' That question allowed me to stop worrying, to pray and give thanks to God, and keep going with my day. It allowed me to relinquish some control."
Jennifer T.
Breast Cancer

Get To Know The Atlanta Team

Surrounding yourself with a team of doctors focused only on treating cancer allows you to explore state-of-the-art options sooner. If you've been diagnosed with cancer, or are already undergoing treatment, and you're unsure of what to do, the oncology experts at City of Hope Atlanta can recommend a treatment plan that's individualized to your diagnosis and your needs—one designed to help you manage side effects and get back to your life.

Click the links below to learn more about our experts, or if you're interested in joining a compassionate team making a difference in the lives of cancer patients, explore career opportunities at City of Hope Atlanta.

Photo of Jason Budde
Jason Budde, M.D.
Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Jason Budde joined City of Hope Atlanta in May 2023 as a thoracic surgeon.

Natalie Godbee, D.O., Gynecologic Oncologist, City of Hope Atlanta
Natalie Godbee, D.O.
Gynecologic Oncologist

Dr. Natalie Godbee joined City of Hope in August 2017 as a Gynecologic Oncologist and will serve gynecologic cancer patients at our Atlanta hospital. When working with patients, she believes in taking into consideration all systems of the body to provide whole-person care.

Kristin Higgins, M.D.
Radiation Oncologist

Kristin Higgins, MD, joined City of Hope® Cancer Center Atlanta in January 2024 as Chief Clinical Officer, leading the hospital’s efforts supporting advanced cancer care access and innovation, while also partnering with department chairs to lead physician recruitment and clinical growth.

Photo of Anita Johnson
Anita Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Breast Surgical Oncologist

Anita Johnson, M.D., FACS, is a surgical oncologist, leader, Atlanta Women's Cancer Program and chief of surgery at City of Hope® Atlanta.

Photo of Beomjune B. Kim
Beomjune B. Kim, D.M.D., M.D.
Head and Neck Surgeon

As a Head and Neck and Microvascular Reconstructive Surgeon at City of Hope® Atlanta, Dr. Beomjune B. Kim provides comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with cancer and other diseases that affect the head and neck.

Meet Hematologist Leslie Popplewell, M.D.

Leslie Popplewell, M.D., is a hematologist specializing in lymphoma at City of Hope Atlanta.

Photo of Lily Shakibnia
Lily Shakibnia, M.D., M.S.c.
Radiation Oncologist

“Every patient should feel confident about the care they are receiving,” says Dr. Shakibnia, radiation oncologist at City of Hope Atlanta. Dr. Shakibnia inspires that confidence through her dedication to expertise in radiation oncology.


“I am proud to be part of the integrated team of doctors and other care providers at City of Hope,” says Dr. Scott Shelfo, Medical Director of Urology at City of Hope Atlanta.

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Our Experts Treat All Stages Of Cancer

The doctors and clinicians at City of Hope Chicago are part of multidisciplinary care teams led by experts focused on diagnosing and treating cancer.

Learn more about the many types of cancer we treat, including information on symptoms, risk factors and treatment options, by exploring the links below.


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Our Cancer Center

At City of Hope® Atlanta, curing cancer is our calling. We strengthen that singular focus through our cancer centers, a high-tech, high-touch care model that surrounds patients with specialization—whether your diagnosis is early-stage, rare or complex. It’s disease-specific care in every way, from diagnostics and treatments to clinical trials and technology, delivered by medical, surgical and radiation oncologists working side-by-side with Magnet-certified nurses, genetic counselors, pharmacists, supportive care experts and others.

Our outcomes tell the story. So does our reputation as a nationally renowned leader in quality and patient experience, exemplified by City of Hope Atlanta’s recognition by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) and designation as “high performing” for the treatment of leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma in U.S. News & World Report’s 2023-24 “Best Hospitals” rankings.

Click below to learn more about our Atlanta cancer centers.

Blood Cancer Center

City of Hope Atlanta

Breast Cancer Center

City of Hope Atlanta

GI Cancer Center

City of Hope Atlanta

Gynecologic Cancer Center

City of Hope Atlanta

Lung Cancer Center

City of Hope Atlanta

Women's Cancer Center

City of Hope Atlanta

Our Cancer Programs

Within many of our centers, we bring next-level specialization to patients through intensive clinical programs, like our Rapid Lung Nodule Diagnosis Program, where experts employ artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted technology to diagnose lung nodules—in as few as four days. Our High-Risk Breast Cancer Program, where oncologists, genetic counselors and supportive care providers partner with patients through genetic counseling, cancer screenings and risk reduction strategies. And, our Neuroendocrine Tumor Clinical Program, where specialists in neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) utilize Detectnet, peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (with Lutathera®) and more to diagnosis and treat this rare disease.

In addition to disease-specific care through our Atlanta centers and programs, patients benefit from renowned subspecialists across City of Hope’s national system who tackle complex cancers collaboratively.

High-Risk Breast Cancer Program

City of Hope Atlanta

Neuroendocrine Tumor

City of Hope Atlanta

Rapid Lung-Nodule Program

City of Hope Atlanta

Revolutionizing Personalized Cancer Care: That’s Our Difference


City of Hope is world leader in the delivery of personalized care—pioneering breakthroughs that have led to advances in precision medicine, while charting the path for whole-person supportive care tailored to each patient’s needs and goals.

We’ve made comprehensive, personalized care our mission because we know that cancer is as unique as the person fighting it. How it impacts your body, your health, your emotions, your relationships, your plans for the future—everything that comes with a diagnosis impacts your life in unique ways. At City of Hope, we believe you deserve a team and a care plan that take those factors into account, treating you as an individual with your own hopes, needs, diagnosis and goals.

That means not only treating your cancer with leading-edge tools and technologies while helping you manage the side effects of the disease, but handling the logistics of your journey, so you can focus on healing.

Clinical Excellence

City of Hope Atlanta is a comprehensive cancer treatment hospital where multidisciplinary cancer experts work together under one roof, sharing their knowledge and experience, coordinating treatments and providing comprehensive cancer treatment tailored to you and your specific diagnosis.

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