3-D Brain Imaging

Technology/services offered include:

3d Radiology Center - Brain

  • 3-D Volumetric MRI
    • Provides high resolution MR images of the brain
    • Data can be imported into neuronavigation system
    • Data can be used to perform volumetric analysis
    • Beneficial in both intra-axial neoplasms in identifying macroscopic extent of lesion
    • Added benefit in extra-axial neoplasms as it helps identify extension of skull base neoplasm
  • CT and MR brain oncology assessment
  • Brain tumor functional mapping
  • Brain tumor mapping
  • Brain tumor volumetric imaging
  • Circle of Willis 3-D volumetry
  • Stroke evaluation and measurement
  • 3-D view of vascular and scalp
  • ADC tumor assessment
  • Tractography
    • Fiber tracking can aid in identifying potential fibers that are either infiltrated by tumor or displaced, which can help identify potentially reversible and/or irreversible functions.
    • This can help develop an optimal surgical resection plan
    • Studies have shown increased frequency of negative resection margins when tractography is utilized.