Survivors Discuss Allogeneic Transplant Risks

Going through an allogeneic stem cell transplant (cells donated by a matched related or unrelated donor), for some patients, may pose a significant risk of complications.
This six-part video series explains allogeneic transplant through the eyes of two survivors from City of Hope who, alongside clinicians, explain the risks of unrelated bone marrow donor transplantation. They explore the physical, emotional, spiritual and existential difficulties that may arise for patients and families before, during and after transplant — and ways to prepare and cope to increase the chances of a good outcome.
Part I: Meet Dianne And Ian

We open this six-part series with two survivors who've experienced difficult to life-threatening complications before and after allogeneic transplant. They describe their diagnoses and help us understand the first two concerns of transplant recipients — trepidation and the fear of the unknown.


Part II: Pre-Transplant Complications

In Part 2, we dive deeper into each patient’s allogeneic transplant experience to understand the types of complications that can arise during preconditioning treatments, including chemotherapy. Hear from City of Hope clinical experts who explain what may go wrong.

Part III: Day Zero | Acute GVHD

In Part 3, our patients recall their experiences starting from Day 1 (infusion day). They share complications as varied and diverse as themselves. However, common themes emerge after transplant, such as the increased risk of acute graft-versus-host disease (GVHD).

Part IV: Chronic GVHD

What happens after 100 days have passed and the patient is ready to go home? In some cases, GVHD and other long-term complications occur.

Part V: Advanced Care Planning

One of the best things to do before any major cancer treatment is to prepare. Studies suggest that preparedness can improve outcomes. City of Hope’s supportive care program experts explain the goals of care and advance directives and why completing those documents before the transplant provides patients, families and caregivers peace of mind.


Part VI: Beyond Transplant

In the final chapter of this six-part series, we begin to understand what survival and post-transplant life look like, especially from an emotional and spiritual perspective, and the mental state needed to thrive afterward.