Surgical Pathology Consultation Services

The Surgical Pathology Consultation Service at City of Hope combines an extensive array of diagnostic expertise into a single customer-focused consultation program. An integrated report with the diagnosis, phenotype and genotype, if required, is provided for each case.

Under the direction of Stanley Hamilton, M.D. (digestive system pathology), our team of surgical pathologists provides accurate and timely support during the initial stage of diagnosis, as well as during ongoing disease management. With subspecialty expertise, Sue Chang, M.D. (cytopathology, head & neck pathology), Javier Arias-Stella, M.D. (breast, gynecologic, genitourinary pathology and molecular pathology), Leonidas Arvanitis, M.D. (neuropathology, lung pathology), Massimo D’Apuzzo, M.D., Ph.D. (neuropathology), Fang Fan, M.D., Ph.D. (breast, gynecologic pathology and cytopathology), Yu Liang, M.D., Ph.D. (bone and soft tissue pathology), Rifat Mannan, M.D. (digestive system pathology), Daniel Schmolze, M.D. (breast pathology), Huiqing Wu, M.D. (genitourinary pathology) and Christiane Querfeld, M.D., Ph.D. (dermatopathology) consult on over 10,000 surgical pathology cases annually. The Solid Tumor molecular genomic testing services are provided by the City of Hope Division of Molecular Pathology and Therapy Biomarkers under the direction of Michelle Afkhami, M.D. (hematopathology, molecular pathology).

A Premier Diagnostic Facility

The diagnostic facilities in the Department of Pathology at City of Hope include premier laboratories with the latest technology in:

  • Immunohistochemistry — A sophisticated, automated laboratory with a menu of over 150 stains which are completed within 24 hours.
  • Molecular Diagnostics — A state-of-the-art molecular laboratory which performs over 15,000 procedures each year. The staff, has extensive experience in molecular diagnostic testing.
  • Cancer Cytogenetics — The Cytogenetics Laboratory performs over 8,000 diagnostic cytogenetic and FISH procedures each year.

Experience Excellence in Customer Service

Consultation reports will be sent via fax through our fax server on the day the diagnosis is finalized. Turnaround time is usually two to three business days upon receipt of the case materials. Several billing options are available including client billing and third-party billing (patient insurance) if appropriate insurance and patient demographics are submitted. Please note, City of Hope cannot bill Medicare if the patient is an inpatient at the time our services are rendered.

How to Contact Us

Case Submission
Complete the City of Hope Consultation Request Form, which can be obtained by calling 844-313-5227 (LABS). Include the patient’s clinical history and the referring physician’s name, and phone and fax numbers.
If you would like a specific surgical pathologist to review your case, please specify, otherwise we will assign the case to the pathologist on the consultation service. Please include all stained slides, including immunostains and a representative formalin-fixed paraffin block or 10 unstained slides, along with a copy of all pathology reports and other pertinent reports (molecular pathology, cytogenetics, etc.).
We offer shipping and courier services. For questions regarding test kits, shipping or logistics, our contact information is:
Toll-Free: 844-313-5227 (LABS)
Fax: 626-218-0736
[email protected]
Send cases to:
City of Hope Laboratories
Attn: Lab Outreach Dept.
1500 E. Duarte Road
Main Medical, 2nd Floor, Room 2101
Duarte, CA 91010