Patient, Family and Community Education

The Patient, Family and Education team partners with City of Hope clinicians and patients to develop patient-centered, evidence-based educational programs and resources. 
Through this collaboration, City of Hope doctors, nurses and health educators work to empower patients and families to be active and engaged in their care at the hospital and at home.  
We provide the following services and support:

Patient-centered programs:
  • Collaborate with patients and families to bring their voice into program development and implementation.
  • Apply plain language using health-literacy guidelines.
  • Address cultural sensitivity needs.
  • Conduct and support staff training to improve communication with patients and families.
  • Facilitate the translation of educational materials into various languages.
Identify or create tailored patient and family education:
  • Meet to determine patient education needs and objectives.
  • Develop easy-to-understand patient and caregiver home-care instructions.
  • Patient education videos.
  • Podcasts.
  • Self-management tools.
Integrate evidence-based tools and processes:
  • Evaluate current patient education tools and processes.
  • Field test patient-facing tools and processes (pilot testing, focus groups and more).
  • Formalize education tools and processes into pathways.
  • Monitor and evaluate new programs and resources.
For more information, email [email protected].