3-D Liver Imaging

Hepatopancreatobiliary surgeries are among the most complicated procedures that need special presurgical measurement for optimal outcome. Quantitative presurgical segmental volumetric assessment allows surgeons to prepare for safety assessment whether the patient needs surgery, radiation or radio-embolization treatment.

3-D advanced volumetric assessment gives a much stronger evaluation of the tumor compared to 2-D estimation. Without 3-D imaging, it is very hard for surgeons to understand the relationship between the tumor, the blood vessels, liver parenchyma or any other structure which is attached or close by the tumor. 3-D volume quantification also allow surgeons to better communicate with patients about their surgical decision.

3d Radiology Center - Liver

Technology/services offered include:

  • 3-D liver segmentation and voxel based volume
  • 3-D portal circulation
  • 3-D MIP/IMIP imaging
  • Liver transplant planning
  • Liver tumor ablation 3-D planning
  • 3-D view of liver vascular abnormality
  • 3-D presurgical planning for donors
  • 3-D liver tumor mapping with vascular details