Research and Clinical Trials

City of Hope’s 3D Oncologic Imaging Center conducts leading-edge research projects in collaboration with some of the nation’s foremost medical institutions. Our clinical and research faculty helps students, residents and fellows explore new areas of research in pursuit of publication. The center is also dedicated to the standardization of new imaging protocols for clinical trials. We are designed to help clinicians who are interested in imaging research in multiple modalities.
The 3D Oncologic Imaging Center at City of Hope is committed to furthering research by:
  • Developing new medical imaging through participation in major clinical trials at City of Hope.
  • Developing new targeted molecular probes for various cancers, including breast, pancreas, prostate, lung, leukemia and more.
  • Urology 3-D planning for kidney/renal cancer
  • Hepatobiliary tumor imaging
  • Lung cancer imaging
  • Virtual colonoscopy
  • Brain tumor imaging
  • Cardiac and coronary analysis
  • Vascular assessment