Research Imaging

City of Hope’s Department of Radiology Division of Research is dedicated to advancing the field of Radiology and Radiological Science through basic science and translational research. With ultimate goal of optimizing patient care through groundbreaking research, our dedicated physician scientists are pioneering and applying new medical imaging techniques as well as trailblazing towards advent of new minimally invasive procedures. Our team of Radiologists are well-recognized both at regional and national level for excellence and working on clinical trials and funded studies. 

The scope of research extends from development and application of advanced MRI techniques including functional MRI (task and resting-state fMRI, PET-MRI, Hyperpolarization, CEST-imaging), cardiothoracic disorders, breast cancer, prostate cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, and musculoskeletal tumors. Our team of interventionists have optimized and pioneered unique minimally invasive procedure ranging from Islet Cell Transplant, TACE, Tumor Ablative Therapies as well as Palliative Ablative Therapies for Pain Control. Our researchers’ work has been presented at national and international medical conventions leading to recognition in forms of awards and research stipends. Further validation of their efforts is evidenced by multitude of publication in peer-reviewed medical journals. 

While working with other subspecialists, our team of Radiologists are collaborating and promoting preclinical and clinical multimodality approach to diagnosing and effectively treating oncologic conditions. These collaborations are paving way for advent and application of advanced molecular imaging. These advances have paved way for the emergence of our Radiobiogenomics Informatics Team which working towards synthesizing big data accrued from radiological, biological (proteomics, transcriptomics) and genomics sources with ultimate goal of providing “Precision Medicine” to our patients.