Women's Cancers Program

The Women’s Cancers Program at City of Hope brings together medical doctors and laboratory researchers across the institution to gain a better understanding of cancers affecting women and develop better treatments, screening methods, prevention strategies and survivorship care for them.

These collaborations result in the rapid translation of scientific discoveries into promising therapies for women’s cancers, such as:

  • Based on SEER results, we have superior breast cancer survival outcomes in the Greater Los Angeles region, with a higher percentage of breast cancer survivors over the past 10 years.
  • The Women's Cancers Program at City of Hope offers minimally invasive robotic surgery using the da Vinci S HD Surgical System. This robotic surgical approach offers greater accuracy, smaller incisions, less postoperative pain and faster healing.
  • Our breast cancer program offers IORT (intraoperative radiation therapy), which delivers a concentrated dose of radiotherapy at the time of breast cancer surgery; this allows many women to receive their entire course of radiation at once, rather than over six to eight weeks.
  • We are among a few women’s cancers programs in the country to routinely use HIPEC (heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy) to treat certain types of gynecological cancers, which can greatly improve the outcomes for women with advanced disease.
  • We are now paving the way for new treatment and future therapeutic opportunities with a first-in-the-nation, multisite phase 1 clinical trial to study pressurized intraperitoneal aerosolized chemotherapy (PIPAC) in ovarian, uterine, colorectal, appendiceal and gastric cancer patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC).
    • Now enrolling patients in the phase 1 study to treat ovarian, uterine, colorectal appendiceal and gastric cancer patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis with PIPAC.
  • We are the only Women’s Cancers Program in the country to offer a biopsychosocial approach to care, and our integrated team of professionals focus not just on the disease but also the biological, psychological and social factors that play a significant role in the lives of women battling cancer.

You can learn more about the clinical breakthroughs and research highlights from our Women’s Cancers Program by visiting our breast and gynecological (ovarian, cervical, uterine/endometrial) cancer pages.

Nationally Ranked Cancer Center

City of Hope is a nationally recognized leader in the research and treatment of gynecological cancers. We are one of the few facilities designated a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute.

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