Guardians of Hope Program

For Retired City of Hope Alumni Supporters
As retired City of Hope supporters, family members and industry leaders, you know more than most the importance of our ongoing support for City of Hope. We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks once again for the compassion, generous support and industry leadership that you have provided over the years and hopefully for years to come. Despite the remarkable discoveries ongoing at City of Hope and the vastly improved curative rates over the years, the researchers at City of Hope still depend on our partnership.   

As retired supporters now serving on the Advisory Board to the National Office Products Council for City of Hope, we are working on an important goal to reconnect the vast community of retired industry supporters with each other and with City of Hope. Over the course of the year, we will be sending out quarterly correspondence to this growing group of retired City of Hope support Alumni through a social group called Guardians of Hope. Guardians of Hope communications will include updates on City of Hope, the annual fundraising campaign, various regional social events and Alumni updates. Most importantly, it will provide an opportunity for folks to re-connect with lost friends from the industry.   

Thank you again for your longstanding support for the lifesaving work ongoing at City of Hope. We look forward to reconnecting with our Alumni friends and for the group to grow in size as the word gets out. If you know of someone who would be interested in joining Guardians of Hope, please pass along the registration form .
If you have any additional questions, please contact us or Matt Dodd from City of Hope at 213-241-7115 or

Jess Beim   Ron Shaw