Now’s a great time to stop smoking, with our help

August 16, 2012 | by Wayne Lewis

Everybody knows tobacco is dangerous. Smoking hikes your risk for a host of problems, from lung cancer to emphysema.

X-ray image of smoking skeletonBut just because you’ve picked up the habit doesn’t mean the die is cast. It’s never too late to stop. Health benefits of quitting start right away and only get better over time.

According to the National Cancer Institute, if you quit today, your risk for lung cancer can fall by as much as half in 10 years.

The experts in City of Hope’s Lung Cancer Program see lung cancer’s effects every day, so they’re taking action to help people stop smoking. Says surgeon Dan J. Raz, M.D., who co-directs the program:

“We believe very strongly that one of our missions is to help eliminate the use of tobacco, which is probably the most important thing people can do to decrease their cancer risk.”

He and his team set up a new quit-smoking program. Smokers can get one-on-one counseling, group support sessions and medications.

The best evidence suggests that getting support when trying to quit at least triples your chances of success compared to going it alone.

Southern Californians can participate in the cessation program by calling New Patient Services at 800-826-4673. If you’re outside the area, talk to your doctor about options for help.

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