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By City of Hope | May 8, 2017
Marc Ceres, B.S.N., R.N., was about to start college as a business major at San Diego State University when he had what he calls “a life-defining moment.”
He went to the emergency room because he had a feeling something was wrong, and after checking him out and finding nothing of concern, the physician said he was good to go home.
“I was trying to tell the doctor that I felt light-headed and something was wrong and this ER nurse literally fought me from getting up and stopped the doctor from sending me home. It was this compassionate and unconditional care.”
Ceres suddenly found he could not breathe and lost consciousness. When he revived, he learned he had been admitted to the hospital due to uncontrolled sepsis.
“That nurse had saved my life. He probably never realized he also changed it forever.”
When Ceres entered college a few weeks later, “On the first day, I changed from a business major to the B.S.N. program,” he said.  “I wanted to be able to do that for people, to be their voice and advocate for them when they can’t do it for themselves.”
A friend introduced Ceres to a recruiter at City of Hope. “Her dedication to the organization was genuine. The belief in something far more than your job was something that struck a chord with me.”
Four years at City of Hope have "paved the way for a wealth of experience. I feel I am an asset to the organization.” Ceres is a leader on the Quality of Life work team, focusing on researching and implementing patient care improvements, and is earning a Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis on clinical nurse leadership.
He is also able to do for others what was so important to him that night in the ER: Be their voice.
“At City of Hope, a team surrounds my patients and together we do our best in creating and implementing the plan of care. When I advocate for my patients, who may be ventilated and sedated, I know the team takes it into full consideration. To have that voice, and to have those colleagues, is a powerful reason I love my role here at City of Hope.”



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