Obtaining Your Article

Need the full-text of an article? Not a City of Hope employee, student, or faculty member? Read on for more information on how to obtain the entire article you found using PubMed, the Pain Resource Center (PRC) website or Scholar.
There are 5 steps:
  1. Use PubMed and Google Scholar . These two free databases may be used to find relevant health-related journal articles on the topic of interest. If the article or item is found, try viewing the full article.
  2. If you are unable to view the full-text of the article for free, contact your organization's library. Most institutions have a library that is open to their students, employees, and patients. Some organization's libraries are open to the public. Another avenue to get the full-text might be to contact your local public library.
  3. If your institution doesn't have a library or your local public library isn't able to get the full-text of the article for you, search the NN/LM Members Directory site (using the tool at the right) for locating health and medical libraries in your area that are available to assist you in obtaining health-related articles.
    • Tips for using this directory: Search by zip code or hospital name or organization. If you work at or are a patient of a hospital or medical center, search for that organization. Within an institution's record Look for "Provides services for the public" or "Provides services to affiliated and unaffiliated health professionals". If you fit one of these categories, write down the name and contact information for the person or people listed.
  4. Contact (in-person, phone, or email) the hospital or institution found in the above library directory and let them know you want to order an article. It is helpful to provide them with the citation of the article you are looking for. If no library is found, please contact the Lee Graff Medical & Scientific Library at City of Hope at 626-301-8497 or [email protected].
  5. Follow the steps outlined by the person you connected with. Some organizations allow you to place orders electronically once you've registered for their service.
Please note: the above services typically are fee-based. Usually, if you are associated with the organization in some way, discounts or fee waivers may apply.
Contact the staff at the Lee Graff Medical & Scientific Library (phone: 626-301-8497 or [email protected]) if you have any questions about the above information.