beans, grains, flour on pantry shelves

Pantry Staples for Cancer Patients

It is essential for all cancer patients to eat a well-balanced diet, especially during treatment. Cancer treatment can be taxing, so it is crucial that you get enough nutrients and consume enough calories to keep your body as strong as possible. Throughout your cancer journey, your tastes and preferences might change, or you might develop aversions to certain types of food. Despite these challenges, you still need to eat and eat well. The best response to your changing relationship with food is to maintain a well-stocked pantry with a variety of foods, so that you can always find something that you enjoy and that will nourish you. Here is an assortment of foods to keep on hand, so you always have what you need to make something delicious and healthy.
Whole grains
A diet that is high in fiber and incorporates whole grains is associated with a lower risk of developing cancer. Whole-grain foods  including whole-grain bread, cereals, rice and pasta  are made from the entire grain seed (wheat, rice, oats and barley), so they are higher in fiber, vitamins and minerals than processed grains. 
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Fresh produce provides a variety of vitamins, minerals, fibers, carotenoids and other beneficial nutrients. For added benefits, try to include superfoods like mushrooms, pomegranates and blueberries. City of Hope research has found that these foods have cancer-fighting properties.
Beans, nuts and seeds
Beans, nuts and seeds are all great sources of plant-based protein. Filling and packed with vitamins and minerals, beans are also rich in fiber. These foods are versatile ingredients you can easily include in various meals and snacks.
High protein foods
Eating lean proteins, like chicken and fish, helps build muscle and keeps you fuller longer. If you choose to eat red meat, which is higher in fat and cholesterol, opt for lean cuts and smaller portions. Prepare meat, poultry and fish by baking, broiling or poaching.
Low-fat dairy products
The nutrients found in dairy products  like calcium, potassium, vitamin D and protein  are essential components of a healthy diet. When looking for dairy products to stock in your refrigerator, choose low-fat or fat free yogurt, cheese and milk.