Cytogenetics Laboratory

Our lab performs cytogenetic and FISH analysis for our inpatient population, community-based physicians and independently run pathology laboratories. Together, our goal is to provide the community with exceptional care and quality service.

Under the leadership of Joyce Murata-Collins, Ph.D. (ABMGG board-certified clinical cytogeneticist, director), and Abbas Padeganeh, Ph.D. (ABMGG board-eligible clinical cytogeneticist, associate director), the Cytogenetics Service performs over 8,000 diagnostic cancer cytogenetic and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) procedures annually with an overall abnormality rate of approximately 32.2 percent. Clinical cancer microarray (CytoScan HD) is under validation and will be available in early 2017. Testing to detect and characterize leukemias, lymphomas and solid tumors is performed on fresh and archival FPE (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded) tissues.

A Premier Diagnostic Facility

Advanced testing methodologies are utilized for:

  • G-banded Chromosome Analysis
  • FISH
  • FISH Oncology Detection Assays:
    • Acute Myeloid Leukemia
    • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
    • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
    • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
    • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
    • Myelodysplastic Syndrome
    • Multiple Myeloma Targeted Plasma Cell
  • Solid Tumors:
    • Neuroblastoma - MYCN/CEP2
    • Ewing Sarcoma - EWSR1
    • Synovial Sarcoma - SS18
    • Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma - FOX01A

Experience Excellence in Customer Service

We make it our priority to ensure that our clients receive quality and reliable service. Our team of professional staff is always available to help address any questions and concerns. For more information regarding billing options, test requests, reports and inquiries, please call 844-313-5227.