Volunteer Services

"Greeting visitors and patients as a volunteer has given me an opportunity to repair my spirit and soul. City of Hope saved my life and this is my way of helping save others."
Volunteers who freely give of their time and effort throughout City of Hope provide a special dimension of care and support for those who need it most.
By visiting patients and caregivers at our main campus medical center, our volunteers help alleviate the stress, loneliness and isolation people may feel during their cancer journey. Skilled or specially trained volunteers may also provide specialized services, such as spiritual care visits or legal assistance.
Especially if you've been a patient, you may want to consider volunteering after treatment. Studies prove volunteering makes people feel significantly better, and many past patients are eager to "pay it forward" by giving others the benefit of their own experience with cancer or other diseases.
Plus, volunteers get to expand their skills, build a sense of purpose and have the opportunity to give back to City of Hope. If you are interested in volunteering at City of Hope, please call (626) 256-4049 or visit our volunteer website.