Child Life Services

It's hard enough to grapple with cancer or another serious disease if you're an adult. For children, it can be far more confusing and frightening. The Child Life Program at City of Hope addresses the needs of infants, children, teens, and families during hospitalization and outpatient treatment.
Each of them is a master's certified professional, and can help restore a sense of normalcy to children’s lives with:
  • Age-appropriate education for procedures, surgeries, treatments and other medical events
  • Preparation for visiting their caregiver or sibling; orientation to the medical environment including the Intensive Care Unit
  • Therapeutic interventions to help children and/or teens for optimal growth and development
  • Grief interventions and resources
  • Parenting and communication education
For more information download our Child Life Services Brochure or contact Jo-Ann Namm, Child Life Services Program Supervisor, at (626) 218-4513 or email [email protected]
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