Pediatric Psychology

If a child or young person receives a cancer diagnosis, it's understandable how coping with that reality can be very hard for them. That's why, at City of Hope, our pediatric psychologists are involved in helping pediatric patients deal with the emotional, psychological, cognitive and behavioral challenges that may arise during cancer diagnosis and treatment.
By helping young patients cope with these issues, we're also helping them improve their ability to actively participate in care. During active treatment, City of Hope psychologists are available to provide interventions tailored to patient and family need, and can help manage issues like:
  • Adjustment to illness
  • Psychological stability for treatment
  • Behavior challenges impacting compliance with treatment, medication or  procedures
  • Stress & coping
  • Body image
  • Adolescence concerns
If you or your loved one could benefit from meeting with a pediatric psychologist during treatment, please talk to your physician for a referral.