Melanoma and Sarcoma Surgery Team

Moshe Faynsod, F.A.C.S., M.D.
Moshe Faynsod, M.D.
Surgical Oncologist
South Bay

Moshe Faynsod, M.D., is surgical oncologist at City of Hope ǀ South Bay in Torrance, California.

J. Dominic Femino, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon; Chief, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery
Duarte - Main Campus

J. Dominic Femino, M.D., is chief of the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery and associate director of the Musculoskeletal Tumor Program.

Aaron Lewis, M.D.
Surgeon; Surgical Oncologist
South Pasadena; Arcadia

Aaron Lewis, M.D., is a surgeon at City of Hope's South Pasadena and Arcadia locations, specializing in general oncologic surgery.

Laleh Melstrom, M.D., M.S.
Surgical Oncologist
Duarte - Main Campus

Laleh G. Melstrom, M.D., M.S., specializes in melanoma and pancreatic cancers.

I. Benjamin Paz, M.D.
Surgical Oncologist
Duarte - Main Campus; South Pasadena

City of Hope's I. Benjamin Paz, M.D., is a nationally renowned surgical oncology surgeon, with expertise in breast cancer, gastrointestinal and rectal cancers, and tumors involving the bone and soft tissues.

Heather Player, M.D.
Heather Player, M.D.
Surgical Oncologist
Antelope Valley; Santa Clarita

Heather Player, M.D., is breast and colon cancer surgeon and an assistant clinical professor in the Division of Surgical Oncology at City of Hope. She practices at City of Hope | Antelope Valley and Mission Hills.

Hans Schoellhammer, M.D.
Surgical Oncologist
Antelope Valley; Mission Hills

Hans Schoellhammer, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a surgical oncologist and melanoma expert at City of Hope.

Vijay Trisal, M.D.
Surgical Oncologist; Chief Medical Officer
Duarte - Main Campus

Vijay Trisal, M.D., the Dr. Norman & Melinda Payson Professor in Medicine and chief medical officer at City of Hope, is an advocate for individualized patient care and expanding access to City of Hope’s advanced therapies and specialized physicians across local communities.

Lawrence Wagman, M.D.
Surgical Oncologist

Lawrence Wagman, M.D., is a surgical oncologist at City of Hope | Upland.