Women's Center FAQs

What’s new or different about the Women’s Center?

The new Women’s Center brings together plastic surgery, and breast and gynecological cancer services, previously housed in different buildings, and related services like imaging and genetic counseling. By bringing together one very large multidisciplinary team in one place, we are able to deliver truly coordinated care in a way that is convenient for our patients.

The new facility is located in the lower level of the Geri & Richard Brawerman Ambulatory Care Center. It has spacious and welcoming registration and reception areas and is designed to offer a bright, comforting atmosphere.

There will also be convenient access to a satellite Positive Image CenterSM (opening later this year) adjacent to the Women’s Center, which helps patients cope with a number of image-related concerns due to their diagnoses and treatments. Examples include post-mastectomy products, wigs and head wraps, specialized skin care products, and cancer-specific cosmetology services and workshops.


What if I get lost and can’t find the new location?

If you are lost, please go to any information desk or ask any City of Hope employee and you will be guided to the new Women’s Center. There is also signage posted throughout the campus to guide you to the new Women’s Center location.

View/download a map of the Women’s Center new location in the lower level of the Geri & Richard Brawerman Ambulatory Care Center. 


Where do I park and check in?

Parking will not change. Our patient/visitor lot (Lot A) or our valet service will still be the best places to park for your appointment.

There are two potential places to check in when you arrive for an appointment once the new Women’s Center is open. If you have a lab appointment, please register at the registration desk at our main entrance by the Spirit of Life® fountain, have your lab procedures done and then proceed to the Women’s Center on the lower level. If you do not need labs, you will go straight to the Women’s Center for registration.


Will I have to see a different doctor? Different nurse practitioner?

No, you will be able to see the same doctor and/or the same nurse practitioner you have been seeing. You’ll also have access to a full range of specialists, including medical oncologists, cancer surgeons, geneticists and supportive care doctors.


Will my appointment date and time change?

For the majority of appointments, the date and time will stay the same — only at a different location. For patients whose appointments date or time have changed due to this transition, someone will reach out to contact you and coordinate changes as quickly as possible.

We may have to adjust some of your appointments during this transition, but will try to schedule all of your appointments on the same day. Our scheduling staff will work closely with you and your care team to try to find timing that works best.

We apologize for any inconvenience during this transition.


Will all my imaging be done in the Women’s Center?

The following imaging procedures will take place in the new Women’s Center: bone density imaging, ultrasound imaging, mammography and tomosynthesis imaging. These are the most common imaging procedures used for women’s cancers diagnosis and treatment planning.


Why is City of Hope making this change?

At City of Hope we are proud to provide exemplary medical care. We understand that providing an atmosphere of kindness and compassion can be as important as the treatment and care we deliver. To that end, we are continuously making adjustments and advancements. The current move represents one step along the way in our plans for continuous improvement of the experience of our patients. 


I’m a man that has breast cancer; do I still go to the Women’s Center?

Yes, breast cancer will be treated at the Women’s Center regardless of the patient’s sex or gender identity.


Who should I call if I think of additional questions or need to change my appointment?

If you have additional questions about the new Women’s Center, please contact us at 800-934-5555 to speak with someone who can address your concerns.