Questions About Your Bill

On December 2, 2017, City of Hope implemented a new billing system that simplifies the payment process for our patients by issuing a single bill for all City of Hope services.
  • What do I do with bills I receive for care received before December 2, 2017?
    Please pay these bills as usual. Balances for services rendered before December 2 do not carry over into the new system and you will continue to receive these bills until the balance is zero.
  • What happens to my bills on December 2, 2017?
    For care received on or after December 2, patients of all City of Hope locations, including Duarte, will receive a single bill.

    You will continue to receive the bills in the previous format for services rendered before December 2 until the balance for those services is zero
For questions regarding the new billing process or payment plans, please call 866-268-4673.

Questions about bills received for care prior to Dec. 2, 2017

For questions about a bill from City of Hope National Medical Center (to cover hospital/technical services), please call Patient Financial Services at 800-270-HOPE (4673).
For questions about a bill from the City of Hope Medical Foundation (to cover physician/professional services), please call the Medical Foundation at 626-775-3200.