Gifts for Patients

Note: The below information is for visitors at our Duarte main campus. If you are planning to visit a patient being treated at one of our community practices, please call that location's main phone number to inquire about its gift guidelines.
The Duarte Campus Gift Shop is located on the first floor of City of Hope Helford Hospital and offers a variety of products, including snacks, magazines, holiday gifts and decorations, bath and body products, greeting cards and jewelry. For more information, call 626-256-4673, extension 62258.

While we understand the desire to lift a patient’s spirits with gifts, some items are restricted to protect the health and safety of patients and staff:

  • Balloons: Latex or rubber balloons are not permitted due to potential allergic reactions. Additionally, metallic or mylar balloons are not permitted in the ICU since they may cause interference with electronic medical equipment in the room.
  • Flowers: Live flowers are not allowed in patient units due to potential allergic reactions. For most non-ICU rooms, silk or plastic floral arrangements that don't contain decorative moss are acceptable. For ICU rooms, no floral arrangements are allowed due to the severity of the patients’ illnesses.
  • Toys: Because of their potential to carry dust and pathogens, used, stuffed or plushy toys are discouraged in the hospital. Visitors are instead encouraged to check with the patient’s care team for games and entertainment that are less likely to cause infections or allergic reactions.

If you have additional questions about visiting patients at City of Hope, please call our Guest Services desk at 626-256-HOPE (4673), ext. 61143.