Advance Directive Resources

The Department of Supportive Care Medicine offers resources for helping patients at any stage of illness navigate complex medical decisions, and can assist when you decide to fill out an Advance Directive.
Notary Services for Advance Directives are available free of charge, Monday through Friday at the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center.
During business hours, please contact the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center.
Phone: 626-218-CARE (2273)
M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fax:  626-256-8625
After hours and on weekends, you may contact any notary service at your expense.


Advance Directive Resource List

Here are the various services at City of Hope you can call on to help you or a loved one complete an advance directive:

  • Education and information on common health care decisions
  • Notary appointments
  • Advance Directive forms
PREPARETM is a program with a step by step way to complete your Advance Directive.  It has easy to read tools, videos and information to help you learn how to share your wishes on the Advance Directive form and talk to your medical team and loved ones.  It is all done online. 
  • Arrange and participate in family meetings
  • Assistance with filling out advance directive form
  • Financial, estate and legal guardianship guidance
  • Bereavement support
  • Assistance with funeral arrangements
  • Can participate in family meetings
  • Clarification of values and priorities
  • Bereavement support
  • Clarification of priorities and goals
  • Assistance with understanding common health care decisions
  • Communication of treatment preferences to family and medical team