Ready to date?

Let’s be honest, dating can be complicated. And cancer can make the experience even more stressful.  

Cancer often leaves physical and emotional scars that are hard to share. Issues such as sexual problems and loss of fertility can be difficult or awkward to discuss with a potential partner.

Here are tips to help:

  • Make sure you’re ready. Coping with cancer takes time. Dating can be fun but it can also be stressful, so it's important you feel safe enough to take the risk before putting yourself out there.
  • Talk to trusted family members, friends or your treatment team if you need help deciding the right time to start dating. The people who know you best can help you decide if you’re ready.
  • Remember, not every date is going to work out; this is true regardless of a cancer diagnosis. A failed date does not mean you have failed. Try to see dating as a journey that can teach you about yourself and what you want out of life.
  • Join a support group. Talking with other survivors can offer new ideas and perspectives about dating and relationships.