How to Disclose

Tips for Telling Others About Your Cancer

There’s no right or wrong time to discuss your cancer with new people in your life — it’s a decision each survivor makes for themselves.  

Some people feel ready to share their experience with cancer right away, while others prefer to wait until they feel comfortable with the person they’re confiding in.  

Some tell everyone they meet, while others choose to share only with a few people. Trust your instincts about when your feel it’s the right time.

Try these three tips when disclosing your cancer:
  • Don’t feel pressured to disclose your experience. It’s your personal story and you get to choose when and how you share it.
  • If you are worried about how someone might react, try practicing what you will say with someone you trust or even on your own.
  • To ease anxiety, think about the questions someone might ask and how you’d like to respond.
Be honest. It takes courage to be open about your experience, and by doing so, you encourage others to also be open and honest.