Breast Cancer Suvivorship Program

City of Hope's Breast Cancer Survivorship Program maximizes wellness for those affected by cancer

Breast cancer can take so much from the body and mind. We designed our Breast Cancer Survivorship Program to empower you to thrive through research, education, psychosocial support and high-quality clinical care.

What to expect:

  • During your first visit, you’ll meet with a Survivorship Nurse Practitioner and receive a personalized survivorship care plan, including a written record of your cancer treatment and follow-up recommendations based on your treatment history and specific circumstances.
  • The nurse practitioner will go over your plan, addressing any questions and making any necessary referrals. You’ll also receive information about any treatment-related health problems you may have, along with recommendations for management.
  • We tailor our survivorship care to your specific situation by assembling a team of experts to best meet your individual needs. In addition to a nurse practitioner, your Survivorship Care Team may include a social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist, survivorship pain clinic physician or acupuncturist.
  • Follow-up appointments will be every six months to a year in the Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic, where a nurse practitioner will review your diagnosis, treatment history and discuss ways to stay as healthy as possible.
  • You’ll also undergo a physical exam and screening tests based on the treatment that you received, and additional testing or referrals will be recommended, if needed.

The Survivorship Program offers: