End of Life Option Act at City of Hope

What is the End of Life Option Act?

The End of Life Option Act (EOLOA) allows an adult, who is diagnosed with a terminal disease and meets certain qualifications, to request life-ending prescriptions from their doctor. EOLOA is often referred to as Medical Aid in Dying.

Does City of Hope participate in the EOLOA?

Yes. City of Hope began accepting requests from existing patients asking about the EOLOA on December 1, 2016.

What is the eligibility criteria for EOLOA?

To be eligible to request a prescription for the aid-in-dying drugs under California law, you must be:
  • An adult
  • Terminally ill
  • Given a prognosis of six months or less to live
  • Able to make medical decisions for yourself
An individual must also be:
  • A resident of California
  • Acting voluntarily
  • Making an informed decision, which includes being given information about all other end-of-life options
  • Informed that he or she may choose to receive the aid-in-dying drug, but not take it
  • Capable of self-administering and ingesting the aid-in-dying drug

Who can provide me with more information about EOLOA at City of Hope?

Let your physician know you would like more information, or contact the designated social workers Victoria Ramirez and Blanca Rivas at 626-218-2282.

Is there a policy on the EOLOA at City of Hope?

Yes. The following link provides the current policy on EOLOA at City of Hope.