Jill Prudhomme-Hunter, Hospice Liaison, Nurse Coordinator, City of Hope

Jill Prudhomme-Hunter, R.N.

  • Hospice Liaison and Nurse Coordinator, Division of Supportive Medicine

Jill Prudhomme-Hunter, R.N.

Jill Prudhomme-Hunter is a teacher and a voice in end-of-life care at City of Hope. In 2003 she began her career at City of Hope working with surgical, medical oncology and ICU patients and their families. She spent a year learning to provide specialized compassionate care to dying patients at a local hospice. 
In 2015 she began her role with the Department of Supportive Care Medicine as Hospice Liaison in which she focuses on earlier transitions to hospice and quality end of life care.
Life After Breast Cancer

January 01, 2018

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