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Lauren VanderSpek

Lauren A. Lukas, M.D.

Radiation Oncologist
Clinical Expertise
  • Brain Tumors
  • Primary and Metastatic Central Nervous System
  • Hepatobiliary, Gastrointestinal, Lung, Gynecologic and Breast Cancers
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology
Lauren A. Lukas, M.D., is a board-certified radiation oncologist who's spent the past decade treating patients in Mission Hills and throughout the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.

Dr. Lukas is an honors graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto, where she received her medical degree.

Dr. Lukas is well-versed in all forms of radiation therapy, including stereotactic radiosurgery, stereotactic body radiotherapy, brachytherapy, Y-90, and Xofigo.


City of Hope Mission Hills Radiation Oncology, 15031 Rinaldi St.

Mission Hills, CA 91345

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