Resources for the Older Adult

Activity and Mobility
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Emotional Support
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  • Road to Recovery Provides transportation for cancer patients who don't have a ride or are unable to drive
  • Go Go Grandparents
    • Affordable transportation for the elderly 
    • For Los Angeles residents
  • Dial-A-Ride  Offered by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
  • Access services Offered by the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) for Los Angeles County
  • Cityride A transportation assistance program for residents aged 65 or older or with disabilities 
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  • Educational
    • Better Sleep for Seniors (5 practical tips to help you sleep better)
    • Nocturia (Is there a solution for insomnia caused by waking up to use the bathroom?)
    • Sleep and Sleep Disorders (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC))
    • Sleep and Growing Older (American Academy of Sleep Medicine)
  • Community Resources
  • National Bedroom & Sleeping Products
  • Getting Professional Help Ask for a consult/order/referral...