Molecular Diagnostics and Experimental Therapeutics Labs

Using a multiplicity of molecular approaches, City of Hope researchers have identified a diverse range of novel colorectal cancer biomarkers, including DNA, mRNA, microRNA and DNA methylation-based biomarkers.
The potential clinical applications of these biomarkers are broad, and include diagnosis, prognosis, treatment prediction and monitoring of colorectal and other GI cancers, as well as patient stratification for clinical trials.

Research Labs

Ajay Goel Lab

Colorectal cancer is the most prevalent in GI cancers, causing 600,000 deaths worldwide each year. The Ajay Goel Lab is committed to developing better methods for the early detection and precision treatment of cancer.

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Jeff Perry Lab

The Perry Lab uses structural biochemistry approaches to target components of signal transduction, DNA repair and genome stability pathways for drug discovery.

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