Clinical Cancer Genomics Community Research Network

Clinical Cancer Genomics Community Research Network

The Clinical Cancer Genomics Community Research Network is a large research group of over 40 collaborating sites in the United States, Mexico and South America. The cornerstone of this network is the City of Hope Hereditary Cancer Research Registry (Molecular Genetic Studies in Cancer Patients and their Relatives; IRB# 96144), a prospective research registry protocol initiated at the City of Hope in 1996, by principal investigator Jeffrey Weitzel, MD. The registry serves as a biospecimen repository with personal and family medical history, psycho-social and clinical follow-up data, and four-generation family pedigree. As members of the CCGCRN, research collaborators can use the message board and forums to post questions and communicate with other members in the network.

City of Hope CCGCRN Objectives

  • To create common and complimentary community-based, locally relevant cancer genomics/genetics research agendas, especially among underserved outreach clinics
  • To address geographic, socioeconomic, and ethnic disparities in cancer genetics health care and research participation
  • To leverage next-generation genomic technologies to engage/promote hereditary cancer research and clinical translation globally, with a focus in Latin America

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