Accountability: We are fully aware of our responsibility to work together with our colleagues and neighboring communities to share our resources, expertise and other support as we collaborate on addressing health inequities. In order to assure that we are upholding our responsibility and are accountable to our actions, we conduct evaluations to gather the evidence demonstrating the results of our work and how we can use the findings for continuous quality improvement.

Transparency: We aim to openly and clearly communicate to our colleagues and community partners our approach, plans for programs or research, lessons learned and results of our collective actions. We also aim to communicate in clear, easy to understand and jargon-free language in order to facilitate greater understanding by a diversity of stakeholders.

Innovation: We seek to innovate in all the work that we do to develop, implement and evaluate programs by using new and creative approaches. The work to promote health equity is multilevel and challenging, and therefore requires innovative frameworks and methods to solve the diversity of problems and create change.

Respect: We build strong relationships with our partners based on mutual respect. Our efforts are not solely focused on the deficits or problems in communities but on the deep respect and appreciation for the rich history, accomplishments, resources, and cultural diversity of our partners and communities.

Compassion: Our motivation to collaborate with our partners and communities is driven largely by a compassion for helping others and creating positive change, especially for those who are underserved or marginalized.

Trust: Our relationship with a diversity of stakeholders is only possible when there is mutual trust. We are fully aware that we have to work hard to earn and maintain the trust of our partners and communities.  

Humility: We ground the work that we do with a deep sense of humility. We recognize the complexity and challenges of conducting health equity work, the larger historical and current forces influencing the context of our work, and the fundamental need to continuously learn from the experiences and perspective of our partners and communities.