Nursing Research and Education Current Research

Goal 1: Palliative Care
Test interventions to improve quality of life and symptom management for cancer patients from diagnosis, throughout treatment, survivorship and end of life.
Ongoing studies include:
  • Support for family caregivers
  • Palliative care for patients in Phase 1 clinical trials
  • Dissemination of a palliative care intervention for lung cancer in community hospitals
  • Support for patients having surgery and their families
  • Fear of cancer recurrence
Goal 2: Communication
Develop and test interventions to support communication between patients, family caregivers and healthcare professionals.
  • Communication skills training for oncology nurses and other healthcare professionals
  • Interprofessional palliative care team communication training
Goal 3: Survivorship Care
Develop and disseminate curricula on survivorship for health professions involved in cancer patient care.
Ongoing studies include:
  • Educating oncology nurses in survivorship care
  • Testing interventions for cancer survivors
  • Supporting long-term survivors
City of Hope's Breakthroughs blog has featured articles on the study of palliative care for lung cancer patients, our previous caregiver study and most recently an Institute of Medicine Report and video about delivering high quality cancer care for patients and their families.